Komodo has amazing diving with fish filled and nutrient rich currents.

Some dive operators shy away from the currents, avoiding sites when and where the current is present, and avoiding Komodo’s best diving!

At Current Junkies we know that the currents are one of Komodo’s defining features. With the right gear and preparation current adds to the dive, not hinders. The currents bring an opportunity to witness Blue Planet like pelagic feeding and hunting unmatched anywhere else in the diving world!

Add to this the chance to see mantas, sharks and fantastic sea life and you’re in for one fantastic dive.

Current Junkies aims to provide thrill-seeking divers with a unique action-packed trip by taking full advantage of Komodo’s tidal movements and currents. Simply by offering flexibility and hitting dive sites at the optimum time – rather than when a rigid schedule dictates – divers will be given the chance to experience Komodo at its best.

Trips will be personally led by our Current Junkies DMs. Thanks to their vast experience and professionalism, along with the top quality equipment available, safety will remain paramount.

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