Schedule & Booking

Current Junkies provides a 5 day 5 night live aboard, diving the best dive sites around the Komodo National Park and longer expeditions beyond!
Komodo Trips: Trips depart on Monday between 11 am and midday from Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia, and will return to Labuan Bajo around noon-1 pm on the following Saturday.

The per person price of this amazing adventure in Komodo:

Five days, Five nights Liveaboard including 14 dives:

USD$ 995
(For returning Current Junkies and Dive Pros)

Newbies: USD$ 1,095

Equipment Rental: USD $100

Komodo National Park fees: Mon – Sat 275,000 IDR, Sundays and public holidays 350,000 IDR

About 1,700,000 IDR (USD$ ~110) for the duration of the trip

You can find a currency converter here.

If you have any questions or want to book please contact us. Please note, that our bookings team will be on holidays Dec 14, 2019 – Jan 1, 2020. We look forward to opening our mailbox in the New Year and answering your email. The availability on the schedule below is up to date and we hope you find dates that suit you for your next liveaboard adventure.

The trip will consist of 14 dives: 1 dive on Monday and Saturday and 3 dives per day in between.

Current Junkies takes a maximum of 4 guests for these trips, but we need a minimum of 2 guests to make a trip run. Certified divers only.

Charter the full boat for up to 5 guests. Inquire for our special charter rate! Snorkelers are welcome to join us on private charters.


Note: *) New Moon. **) Full Moon

16th Dec – 21st Dec     FULL



9th Mar – 14th Mar**     2 spaces available (Full Moon on 10th)
16th Mar – 21st Mar    3 spaces available
23rd Mar – 28th Mar*     3 spaces available (New Moon on 24th)
30th Mar – 4th Apr     4 spaces available
6th Apr – 11 Apr**    4 spaces available (Full Moon on 8th)
13th Apr – 18 Apr     4 spaces available (Departure might get cancelled. See you in ADEX!)
20th Apr – 25th Apr*     4 spaces available (New Moon on 23rd), (Departure might get cancelled. See you in ADEX!)
27th Apr – 2nd May     4 spaces available
3rd May – 9th May**    FULL – Private Charter (Full Moon on 7th)
11th May – 16th May    FULL – Private Charter


1st Jun – 6th Jun     4 spaces available
8th Jun – 13th Jun**     4 spaces available (Full Moon on 6th)
15th Jun – 20th Jun     4 spaces available


29th Jun – 4 Jul     4 spaces available
6th Jul – 11th Jul**     4 spaces available (Full Moon on 5th)
13th Jul – 18th Jul     3 spaces available
20th Jul – 25th Jul*    FULL – Private Charter (New Moon on 21st)
27th Jul – 1st Aug     4 spaces available
3rd Aug – 8th Aug**     4 spaces available (Full Moon on 3rd)
10th Aug – 15th Aug     4 spaces available


24th – 29th Aug     4 spaces available
31st Aug – 5th Sep**     4 spaces available (Full Moon on 2nd)
7th Sep – 12th Sep     4 spaces available
14th Sep – 19th Sep*     4 spaces available (New Moon on 17th)
21st Sep – 26 Sep     4 spaces available


5th Oct – 10th Oct**    4 spaces available (Full Moon on 2nd)
12th Oct – 17th Oct     3 spaces available
19th Oct – 24th Oct*     4 spaces available (New Moon on 17th)
26th Oct – 31st Oct     4 spaces available
2nd Nov – 7th Nov**     4 spaces available (Full Moon on 31st)


16th Nov – 21st Nov*    FULL – Private Charter (New Moon on 15th)
23rd Nov – 28th Nov     4 spaces available
30th Nov – 5th Dec**     4 spaces available (Full Moon on 30th)
7th Dec – 12th Dec     4 spaces available
14th Dec – 19th Dec*     4 spaces available (New Moon on 15th)


Shoot us a booking for special charters to Alor, Banda Sea, Raja Ampat and Komodo 🙂

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