Current Junkies provides a 5 day/5 night live aboard, diving the best dive sites around the Komodo National Park and beyond.

Each trip will depart on Monday between 12-1pm from Labuan Bajo, Flores and will return to Labuan Bajo around 3pm on the following Saturday.
The trip will consist of 14 dives: 1 dive on the first day and 3 dives per day during the week,  and 1 or 2 dives on the last day depending on trip schedule to give a total of 14 dives.

Current Junkies takes a maximum of 4 guests per trip, but we can accommodate 5 guests for a full boat charter.

This means we can dive as one group and avoid coordination problems: We can wait next to a dive site until the currents are literally millisecond right and then drop in together to give us the best chance to see all the action! With the smallest dive group in Komodo we have the best chance of spotting the likes of sharks, mantas and if we are very lucky maybe even dolphins in close range.


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