All divers will be provided with the high quality equipment needed to dive Komodo safely and comfortably. Current Junkies ensures that all equipment available for rent is well-maintained:  Apex regs and Aqualung BCDs are serviced by a qualified technician regularly and we will happily replace anything you are not personally happy with. As part of the rental equipment we have 3mm full length wetsuits coupled with Aqualung open heal fins with booties in an effort to avoid blisters.

Crucially, every diver will be provided with their own personal dive computer for the duration of the trip. This allows divers to monitor their own dive limits thus providing better accuracy and flexibility. Divers who have not used a computer before will be given a full briefing on how to do so by their guide.

As Komodo is renowned for its strong and sometimes unpredictable currents, Current Junkies recognises the importance of providing their divers with multiple surface signalling devices to ensure a safe return to the boat post-dive, even in the event of diver separation. We therefore provide:

  • Surface Marker Buoy (SMB): every diver shall have a 2.5m brightly coloured SMB to ensure they are easily identifiable on the surface even in the event of big waves.
  • Whistle: Every BCD will have a dive whistle attached capable of attracting attention from up to 1 km away.

Diving Liveaboard Book

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