The diving in The Komodo National Park is known to be some of the best in the world. What makes Komodo’s underwater theme park so unique and special is its strong currents. Such fast moving waters bring in thousands upon thousands of hunting (and hunted!) fish along with the larger feeding pelagics.

From the beginning of the trip we will train you in the techniques needed to dive strong currents confidently: negative entries, correct finning, ideal movement etc. In addition, we will teach you about hydro physics so you will have a better understanding of how the currents work on each dive site allowing you to understand the dive site and safely explore with your guide.

We will start every trip with a check dive on the first day somewhere relatively calm just to get those of you who haven’t dived for a while back into the swing of things. As the trip goes on we will gradually integrate current into our diving experience. By the end of the trip we will master drift dives along kilometres of reefs and walls, diving on the lee sides of pinnacles, recognising where the currents start and finish and, best of all, enjoying the split currents on open ocean submerged pinnacles. By the end of the trip we’ll have you hooked on the current!

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