Current Junkies Team

Current Junkies is a small dive operation here in Komodo, and when you dive with us, you feel the difference. One of the obvious things that really sets us apart is our amazing crew, who live and work together on the KLM Busy Girl every week, all year long.
We are like a family, and we hope you can come and experience the great vibes on board the Busy Girl for yourself!


Man (AKA Kep):Man is our stoic captain, and he will be navigating us safely through the Indonesian Archipelago onboard the Busy Girl throughout your trip. Once we anchor up for the night though, Man likes to indulge in a game of chess. Man hails from Balobaloan Besar, lying west of Makassar in Sulawesi, and before he worked with Current Junkies he captained a cargo boat, plying his trade throughout the Indonesian Archipelago from Sumatra to Papua and will gladly regale you with stories of wild Indonesia (if you can overcome his shyness 😉
Favorite food: Ikan Bakar
Favorite Sealife: Giant Trevally
Favorite place in Indonesia: Makassar
Mother Tongue: Bugis, Makassarese, Bahasa Indonesia


Hairul (AKA Bas): Our engineer Bas is a face you’ll come to know quite well on a Current Junkies cruise. He will be helping you to gear up, drive us on the tender to the dive sites, and pick us up afterwards (as well as standby to tend to any mechanical issues if they arise at any point during the trip!) Bas hails from an island called Balobaloan Kecil off the west coast of Sulawesi, and he’s without a doubt the joker of the boat, with a great sense of humor and endless energy, he is sure to keep you smiling and laughing all week long. With a keen eye for the sea, he is also the most likely to spot those crowd pleasers divers love so much, Dolphins, whales, and mantas feeding on the surface 🙂
Favorite food: Nasi Campur
Favorite fish: Manta
Favorite place in Indonesia: Banda Neira
Mother Tongue: Bugis, Makassarese, Bahasa Indonesia


Hendy: Hendy is our amazing chef onboard the Busy Girl. He hails from a small village just outside Lembor in West Flores, and attended tourism school in Labuan Bajo before specializing in culinary arts in Bali. Hendy has boundless energy and a great love and interest in western culture, which means you’ll get lots of questions about what things are like where you’re from, and if you so wish you’re sure to hear lots of stories about traditional views in Flores, black magic, and village life in West Flores. When he is not busy in the kitchen he likes to snorkel 🙂
Favorite food: Beef Rendang
Favorite Sealife: Sunfish
Favorite place in Indonesia: Pulau Teun
Mother Tongue: Manggarai, Bahasa Indonesia

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