Current Junkies is Shannon’s vision for the most thrilling diving Komodo has to offer. Having dived in the world-renowned Komodo National Park thousands of times Shannon, like many others, was blown away by the stunning corals and variety of marine life on offer. However, he felt there was something missing in the dive trips currently available. No one focussed on – and made the most of – one of Komodo’s finest features; the adrenalin-pumping currents! He wanted to see a diving liveaboard offering the most action packed, the most exciting dives possible….and so Current Junkies was born. Pioneering Current Junkies, Shannon passed the torch to Nick in 2013. Nick, joined by Martyn, Ellie and the Current Junkies crew have taken on Shannon’s vision of Komodo’s supreme diving combined with exceedingly friendly service, ensuring a memorable time.

Current Junkies aims to provide thrill-seeking divers with a unique action-packed trip by taking full advantage of Komodo’s strong currents. Simply by offering flexibility and hitting dive sites at the optimum time – rather than when a rigid schedule dictates – divers will be given the chance to experience Komodo at its best. All trips will be personally led by our Current Junkies certified DMs. Thanks to their vast experience and professionalism, along with the top quality equipment available, safety will still remain paramount.

Your Guide

All our Current Junkies guides are fully qualified dive instructors and cruise directors with +1000’s of dives in the Komodo National Park and beyond. We have carefully studied the challenging currents of Komodo’s stunning waters and understand how to safely unlock the most exhilarating and adrenalin-pumping dives. 

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